Similar Apps and Best Alternatives to Zoom

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Zoom has come out on top as the best host video conferencing app with stable video and audio performance. That’s why more and more developers are trying to top Zoom. Along with its popularity, many are experiencing bugs while using Zoom. So people are looking for good alternatives. Luckily, there are tons of apps that you can use as an alternative to Zoom.

Top 5 Alternatives to Zoom

Uber Conference


Breaking the norm of the lengthy process of connection to video conferencing, Uber Conferencing makes it easier for you to conduct a meeting online. It is a free web-based app that requires no sign-ups or registration. Through Uber Conferencing, you not need a Pin or permission to enter the conference room. Also, you can try the Uber Business that supports Live Video that will cost you 15 dollars per month. So that’s the first alternative to Zoom meeting app. Read on for more below.


  • Video Conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Voice intelligence
  • No download
  • No pin required

CiscoWebex Teams


Want to share files, video calls, chats, and whiteboarding while doing video conferences? Try Cisco WebeX teams Videos, a similar app to Zoom. This tool delivers innovative experience while conducting a meeting. Aside from the features mentioned above, the tool also supports connection to Gsuite and Microsoft 365. Gsuite is a productivity app where you share files and connect with your teammates regardless of physical location. What more is that if you are not a native speaker of English you can change the language of the tool to your native language. See the full list of languages from the official website of this alternative to Zoom.


  • Video conferencing
  • File sharing
  • Connected with GSuite
  • Chats
  • Whiteboard



With remote work gaining traction, many need to communicate with colleagues overseas, freelancers, etc. This Zoom app alternative was created to help your team can easily share content, collaborate, chat and call. Similarly, the interface supports multiple languages such as English, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish.


  • Video conferencing
  • Chats
  • Content Sharing
  • Collaboration



A cloud-based video and web conferencing tool with HD video and high audio quality, Eztalks aim to connect your team all in one place. Compared to the first three online software, this has a screen recording feature. On top of that, a whiteboard is integrated to share each other’s thoughts by writing on the board. Control is given to everyone who participates in the meeting, which makes it quite different from the rest.


  • Screen recording and sharing
  • Free templates
  • Create 4 boards (free version )
  • HD video quality



Finally, we have Skype. Many simply use Skype to communicate with friends and loved ones. However, it offers more than just video calling and chats. You can also use it to conduct a meeting and share your ideas together with the screen sharing feature. Most ESL teachers use this as an alternative instead of company software. Aside from that, you can install a third-party app that can record your screen activity and connect it on your Skype. That is why it is a good Zoom app alternative.


  • Video calls
  • Chats
  • Group chats
  • Screen sharing capable.


Make sure to compare all of these alternative to Zoom apps listed above to see which among these can best fit your needs. They are all effective apps to help you connect with your co-workers from wherever you are.

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