How private and secure is AirMore?

At AirMore, the privacy and security of users is the highest priority to us. Here’s how we will transfer the data when you’re using AirMore:

AirMore is a web-based mobile device management tool that connects and transfers data via Wi-Fi network.

At present, AirMore has one connection mode, Local Connection Mode.

How Local Connection Mode works?

AirMore builds up the connection between the mobile device and PC as long as they’re connected within the same Wi-Fi network (Wireless Local area network). After successfully connection, the files you transferred would go through the local network and arrive at your mobile device. This means whatever you transfer with AirMore, the data will be kept in your own local networks.

Will this connection mode upload my files to AirMore server?

In Local Connection Mode, the files you transferred with AirMore will not be on ours server. It is because the process in terms of uploading, downloading and deleting are undergoing on your browser. Our server does not access any of your files and has no means to store it either. AirMore server only provides QR code and the necessary data to build connection.

We will continue to improve this page going forward. If you have got any questions, you may contact us anytime.