How to Transfer Contacts to iPhone

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iPhone SE has been released for months and iPhone 7 is coming soon. Some people might decide to buy a new iPhone or have already bought one and they are especially curious about how to transfer contacts to iPhone. After all, contacts are so important that they want to import immediately when getting a new phone. This post summarizes several methods.

Ways to Transfer Contacts to iPhone

  1. For iPhone
  2. For Android
  3. For Contacts on PC

Transfer Contacts Between iPhones

As we all know, iPhone could not export contacts to SIM card, so you can’t transfer contacts just through inserting the card from previous phone to the new one. But thanks to applications like iCloud and iTunes, you can use their functions to get contacts on your new iPhone. Here provides a way using iTunes.

  • Connect your old iPhone to PC with cable and double click to open your iTunes.
  • On iTunes, choose your device and click “Info” on the right side.
  • Click “Sync Contacts” and then “Apply” to copy contacts.

    Transfer Via iTunes

  • Disconnect old phone and link new iPhone with PC.
  • Open “Sync Contacts” function under “Info” and choose “Contacts” under the “Replace information on this iPhone” of “Advanced” option.
  • Click “Apply” to transfer contacts to iPhone.

iTunes offers more than one way to help you move contacts. You can also use “Backups” function under the “Summary” to backup data including contacts on old iPhone and restore it on your new one.

Transfer Android Contacts to iPhone

If you used Android phone before and now buy an iPhone, exporting phone numbers to SIM card and putting the card into your iPhone might be a good way. However, it often happens that Andorid’s SIM card isn’t suitable for iPhone’s card port. In this case, an app named Apowersoft Phone Manager can help. You can get it from below.


This software can work whether the network is available or not. It helps users to manage their mobiles, backup files and transfer pictures, music, videos, contacts as well as apps between devices. It not only suits Android, but also fits iPhone. Strikingly, it could connect more than one device at the same time. Now let’s figure out how to transfer contacts to iPhone.

  • Open the application on your computer. And use cables to connect phones to PC.
  • On the desktop app, choose Android phone and click “Contacts” to select contacts you need.
  • Click “Export” and choose a format (.vcf, .xls, .xml) to download Android contacts to PC.

    Export Contacts

  • Open “Contacts” of iPhone on the app and click “Import” to copy phone numbers.

    Import Contacts

With this method, the application links phone with computer via USB cable, and you can transfer files even there is no Wi-Fi. Also, you can establish connection wirelessly by scanning QR code on your PC or tapping verification code.

Transfer Contacts from PC to iPhone

You might have already backed up the contacts to your PC before and want to import those to new iPhone. In this way, you just need to use iCloud to transfer.

iCloud is a cloud service that helps you wirelessly back up all files and acquire these files on your Apple devices with the same account. And if you turn on Wi-Fi, selected data will be uploaded to iCloud automatically. Follow the instruction below, you can transfer contacts from PC to iPhone.

  • On the computer, browse and sign in the same account of your new iPhone.
  • Open “Contacts” and click setting button on the lower left corner.
  • Choose “Import vCard” and pick out contacts you need.

    Transfer Via iCloud

  • On your phone, open “Settings” and tap on “iCloud”.
  • Turn on “Contacts” under the “iCloud” and choose “Merge” to get the contacts.

In this way, you can acquire contacts you need from computer, but before transferring, you need to make sure that your contacts backup is in “.vcf” format.


Using iCloud and iTunes could be helpful to transfer contacts to iPhone, while Apowersoft Phone Manager could solve problems much better. This application is compatible with iOS and Android and could get connection in more than one way. You do not need to worry about USB problems or network condition and you can choose any type of connection as you wish.

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