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How to take a screenshot from a video

Capture a particular frame of your video clip

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    Upload videos

    Import a video to this page
  • 02

    Start capturing

    Use the "Start Capturing" button to choose the frame that you want to save as a screenshot
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    Export your snapshot

    A picture can be downloaded separately or packaged together as 5.

Take a screenshot of any video with one click

This online video capturing software can convert MP4 to JPG. Navigate to the image where you want to take a screenshot. You can screenshot the current image with a single click, or several snippets of dialogue with a series of clicks. If the picture is mistakenly captured, you can click to delete the picture, and then re-shoot, which is very convenient.

Designed to meet user needs

This online video capture software can help you capture movie screen shots and keep them in 1080P format; it can also help you capture your screen. Add a webcam and narrate to customize your video.

Online multi-functional program

Apart from online video capturing, our platform also provides various practical functions such as converting video format to Gif format, video merging, video clipping, video rotation, video extraction audio. With this user-friendly interface, its even for beginners and first-timers.

Get batches screenshots efficiently

Focusing on video screenshots, this online video capturing software has a lighter online application than any other screenshot software, allowing you to take multiple screenshots at once with high processing speed, so you can easily take bulk screenshots and download your video images all together.

What is even more important

Helpful online screenshot capture to everyone

  • FREE

    Online video capture feature is completely free to export without watermark on the pictures.

    It can intercept in a single shot up to five pictures which are downloaded in batches

    The operation is more simplified and faster than using video screenshot capture.


Good products grow with user's support

  • Bryce

    Unlike many pictures taken by screenshot software are compressed, this is my cup of tea because this online video editor I used can capture screenshots of high-definition movies very well.
  • Kate

    Thank goodness, our company needs to capture a few pictures from the video as promotional pictures. I have used a lot of players without this function till I finally found this online. It helped me a lot!
  • Miles

    Nice tool, as i know it is estimated that the demand is not optimistic about screenshot, you really do a good job for knowing relatively users’ demand from these small points, support it!

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