Detailed Guide on How to Play Color Bump 3D on PC

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Finding a game to kill time? Look no further, Color Bump 3D is here. This is an arcade game developed and released by Good Job Games. Players are going to control a sphere and bump objects but only the white ones or else your sphere will shatter into pieces and restart the stage. However, it does not offer a PC-version at the moment. Yet other players want to play Color Bump 3D on PC to better see the passages of each level. So, if you are looking for a feasible way, then keep reading and learn a few tips and tricks to master the game.

How to Play Color Bump 3D on PC

Detailed Guide on How to Play Color Bump 3D on PC



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Tips and Tricks to Play Color Bump 3D

Color Bump 3D tips

Now that you have learned how you can play Color Bump 3D on the computer, we will give you tips and tricks to play the game without any difficulty this time. The game has a simple concept, yet it’s quite challenging and tricky to complete most levels. So, you can try out these tips to pass through each stage with no problem.

Have a shield for protection

Have a shield in front of the sphere whenever applicable This way you will be able to avoid those objects that will break your sphere into pieces. To do this, you need to push an object. However, you need to consider the shape of the item you are pushing. Smaller objects are easy to control, yet if you are dealing with larger ones, you might need a little more dexterity and fast reactions to control.

Straight up in a Line

There are instances that going straight forward works better than making too many sudden movements. This strategy is useful especially when the obstacles are not too tricky. Yet for some levels, only the slightest bit of movement will send you off course. Thus, you need to be careful and know when you really need to move the sphere.

Do not Rush

You don’t need to be aggressive in this game. If you keep your sphere moving slowly and steadily, you will clearly see the obstacle ahead, then you will be able to make a strategy to decide which passages to go to. Especially in the latter part of the game, you need to consider the obstacles and remember not to rush.

Strike an Object with power

Do this by swiping up in a straight line behind your sphere with real power. By doing so, you can avoid the obstacles in front of the item you struck. Of course, the item you will strike should be the color white in order to jump over the object in front of it.

Consider the Shape of Objects

Pay close attention to the shape of the object in the game. You will get to encounter a huge variety of these objects and there are a variety of different ways to interact with each them.


After learning the tricks and tips, you should be able get through most of the stages. With the help of ApowerMirror, you can now run Color Bump 3D on PC and enjoy playing it on a larger screen display. Use what you have learned and complete each level. Good luck!

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