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Oftentimes, we watch movies, play games, stream music, and browse through our photos using computers. Yet watching videos on a big screen TV is way better as you can appreciate the minute details of your videos. Furthermore, you need a larger display especially when giving a presentation. An Apple TV can do that if you have one. That being said, you may need to mirror PC to Apple TV. Some of the instructions you can find on the web require cables to connect your Apple TV and PC. In this article, we list two of the best applications that will allow you to see the whole screen of your computer on an Apple TV wirelessly.

Top ways to mirror PC to Apple TV

Use 5KPlayer

mirror screen to apple tv using 5kplayer

5KPlayer is a professional AirPlay server, which can turn your computer into an AirPlay mirroring sender. Thus, you will be able to mirror the screen activities on your computer, including photo slideshows, presentations, movies, and even gameplay onto an Apple TV, with uncompromised quality. It supports almost any types of files, such as 1080p, 4K, and even 5K videos, DVDs, MP3s, AACs, and FLAC audio. Through this versatile application, you can enjoy all your media content regardless of the format. Aside from that, this tool includes hardware acceleration that utilizes the Intel or NVIDIA graphics of your computer to provide a smooth streaming experience. Follow the instructions below to stream from PC to Apple TV.

  1. Get the app installer by downloading it from 5KPlayer official site. Then install the program on your computer.
  2. Check if your PC and Apple TV are on the same network. Launch the app afterwards.
  3. From the main interface, click on the AirPlay function located at the upper right corner. Choose your Apple TV from the list.
  4. Once connected, you will see the screen of your computer on the Apple TV.

Use AirMyPC

mirror pc to apple tv with airmypc

If you are looking for an alternative tool, you should give AirMyPC a try. It not only allows you to mirror your computer screen but also allows audio streaming to your TV. Additionally, you don’t need cables and wires in order to achieve screen mirroring from PC to Apple TV. So, whatever you see and hear from the computer can be played on your Apple TV wirelessly with AirMyPC as it can interface with both Windows AirPlay and Cast screen mirroring capabilities. Moreover, this app comes with an Education Interactive Tools Suite add-on, which gives you the option to draw lines and figures on your TV screen using the Pen Tool making it a Whiteboard Interactive Screen. To connect PC to Apple TV, you may refer to the step-by-step procedure below.

  1. First, go to the AirMyPC webpage and install the program on your computer.
  2. Once the installation is complete, run the app. Click the logo of the program, which is an orange tray icon located next to your desktop clock. Then a window will appear showing all online Apple TV devices.
  3. Choose your Apple TV and then select the desired command you want to execute. You may choose to mirror the screen to your TV, mirror audio only, or mirror both.
  4. Now you can enjoy watching PC movies, listening to music, and make presentations from your Apple TV.

Extra tip for PC to iOS screen mirroring

mirror PC to iOS device

If you are an Apple Fan, you may also have iPhone or iPad devices. Sometimes, it will be more convenient if you can access your PC from an iOS device. At this moment, you can mirror PC to iPhone or iPad and control it remotely. An excellent tool that can help you achieve this is called ApowerMirror. It allows you to mirror mobile devices to PC and vice versa. By mirroring your PC to iPhone, you can deliver presentations directly from your phone. In addition to that, it lets you draw shapes and lines on-screen to highlight important points of your demonstration. With this tool, you may also edit your documents using its keyboard feature. Even more, you can play iPhone or iPad games on your computer. You can get the tool from the button below.



The introduced solutions can help you effortlessly AirPlay from PC to Apple TV. To summarize, both apps are excellent, yet if your goal is to stream media, 5K Player suits your preferences. Meanwhile, AirMyPC can not only reflect your PC to TV, but also let you annotate on-screen, which is a cool feature for those who are delivering demonstrations. And in case you need to control your PC from your iPhone or iPad, ApowerMirror is highly recommended.

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