Best Ways to Mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV

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One of the best ways to get the most enjoyment from your iPhone is to mirror its screen to a larger display like a TV and PC. This can be done through AirPlay or Apple’s built-in screen mirroring. This is an iOS feature that enables you to stream movies and music or play games from your iPhone to other devices that have this ability. Apple TV is a great and easy way to display your iPhone screen on your TV, but unfortunately Apple TV is quite expensive. So, if you are looking for practical ways to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV, then take a look at these feasible methods and learn how they work in detail.

Practical Ways to Mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV


AnyCast is a media streaming device that allows you to mirror iPhone to Android TV. Using AnyCast, you can stream your iPhone content such as movies, music, and photos right onto your television through a wireless network. It supports standard DLNA, which allows you to connect your home multimedia app with this device. Aside from casting your locally stored media content to TV, AnyCast lets you stream live camera and videos from the internet. Furthermore, you have an option to switch to a lower resolution when your TV does not support 1080p full HD video resolution. Here is a simple instruction to teach you how to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV using AnyCast.

  1. Get an AnyCast device, plug it onto your TV’s HDMI port. You also need to plug its USB cable for power supply. If your TV does not have a USB port, you can use your phone adapter.

    mirror iPhone to smart tv

  2. On your TV, navigate to the “Input” option using the remote control, and select “HDMI”. Once done, you will see the SSID and password of your AnyCast device.
  3. On your iOS device, go to Wi-Fi settings and tap the name of your AnyCast device, then enter the password on your TV screen.
  4. Next, open Safari on your iPhone and enter the AnyCast IP. On the page, tap on the “Internet” option and connect your iPhone to your home Wi-Fi network.
  5. Finally, scroll from the bottom of your iPhone to open the Control Center. Tap on “Screen Mirroring” and select the name of your AnyCast device. By then, you will be able to stream iPhone to TV without Apple TV.


Another alternative you could use is the AllCast app. This is a screen mirroring app that lets you cast media contents from your iPhone to a bigger screen TV. Using this tool, you can easily stream video clips, music, and even play games on a much larger screen without the need for any hardware and cable. Moreover, this tool offers you a 5-minute viewing trial. Let’s learn how this app works to mirror iPhone to Smart TV without Apple TV.

  1. Install AllCast on your iOS device, and turn on your smart TV.
  2. Afterward, launch the app and let it access your photos and music.
  3. To start mirroring your iPhone to TV, tap the cast icon at the bottom left of your screen. A panel will then appear showing detected devices.

    mirror iPhone to TV with AllCast

  4. Now, tap the name of your smart TV to build a connection on both devices.
  5. Then, the app will direct you to your local videos and photos. Meanwhile, tap on a specific image or video clip to display it on your TV screen.

Extra tip for screen mirroring iPhone to PC – using ApowerMirror

In case that you don’t want to mirror your iPhone to TV and just want to display it on PC, you can rely on ApowerMirror. This program provides an easy way of casting your Android or iOS device to either Windows PC or Mac. With ApowerMirror, you will be able to stream your gameplay, photos, movies and other media contents onto a larger screen. Furthermore, it offers you a lot of useful features including on-screen recording, taking screenshots, annotation and many more. To know how to use this app, follow the simple guide below.

  1. Download and install ApowerMirror on your desktop, then launch it.


  2. Connect both your PC and iPhone to the same wireless network.
  3. On your iOS device, scroll up to open the Control Center. Tap on “Screen Mirroring” and select Apowersoft with your PC name on it.

    screen mirroring iPhone to TV

  4. You will then see your iPhone screen on your PC monitor immediately.


The above-mentioned methods can help you to display your iPhone to TV without Apple TV. AnyCast not only allows you to mirror iOS devices, but it also works for Android devices. AllCast is a great option if you want to ditch the cables and use your wireless network instead. You should consider ApowerMirror if you want to view your phone’s screen on a computer’s monitor, and the added features such as screen-recording makes it a great tool to have on hand no matter what.

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