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iOS users heavily rely on iTunes to manage their entire range of devices, while for all Android users, it has no such an uniform software. Therefore Android newbies often ask if there is a good software similar to iTunes used to manage their devices. If you have the same question, you have been to the right place. This post will introduce you supreme options among the mobile management tools in the market.

Top Three iTunes Alternatives for Android

  1. AirMore – wireless and professional
  2. Apowersoft Phone Manager – comprehensive and efficient
  3. Samsung Kies – good and suitable

AirMore – Wireless software to manage your Android

AirMore is a professional online app which allows you to manage your Android devices on the web. With this iTunes alternative for Android, you can connect Android to PC through WiFi and manage your Android devices on the web. It allows you to easily transfer music, videos, photos, files, documents and apps between Android devices and Windows PC or Mac. And it can clearly display all your call history, messages, and contacts of your device on the web page.

  • Download this free app from Google Play and then install it on your Android. Or you can access it from this download button.

  • Visit AirMore web on Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Open AirMore on Android device and then scan the QR on PC with your device. Your device and PC are required to be in the same WiFi network to activate connection.
  • Once connected, you can freely manage your devices on the web. Browse through your Android device contents on the web, uninstall or install any apps or delete useless files to release space for adding new etc.
AirMore interface

AirMore is a very versatile app and the above are just some of the features in this program. It is sure that you will experience more perfect services while using it.

ApowerManager – One stop management for Android devices

This phone manager is a more comprehensive iTunes equivalent for Android (as well for iOS). It enables you to manage, transfer, view, restore, backup mobile or tablet files such as songs, videos, pictures, text messages, call logs, contacts, apps and bookmarks on PC. Here, please check below for its dramatic features.

different functions
  • Sync Android data to PC on Windows PC with one click.
  • Import or export media files such as photos, music, videos at a quick speed.
  • Backup or restore phone contents like a breeze.
  • Remove unwanted data out of your Android devices.
  • Display or mirror Android screen on PC in real time.
  • Take screenshots for your Android from computer at will.

There are iTunes equivalents for Android supporting all kinds of Android devices,like AirMore and Apowersoft Phone Manager. While there is also a customized app working only for a certain brand.

Samsung Kies – Specially designed alternatives to iTunes for Samsung

Samsung Kies is regarded as best iTunes alternative for Samsung phones and tablets. With this Android equivalent, you can sync podcasts, contacts, music, iTunes music, images and videos from or to your Samsung phones. Samsung Kies also plays an important role in switching to other devices like iPhone and BlackBerry, as it enables you to smoothly transfer data from them to Samsung series.

Samsung kies

However this app only works for Samsung phones and tablets. Furthermore, it fails to move smart playlists from your iTunes and it even does not support management of apps, messages and documentation.

These three iTunes equivalent for android have their own distinctive features. You can choose one of them based on your situation. To manage your Android files, AirMore allows you to free from USB cable, while ApowerManager makes one-stop management for all content. Samsung Kies undoubtedly is a good choice if you are users of Samsung devices.

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  • But, NONE of these apps back up ALL the Android OS/UI settings, like iTunes does!! We need a comprehensive backup like iTunes which restore the phone EXACTLY as it was before a full factory reset.