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How to extract audio from video

3 Steps to Get a BGM

  • 01

    Add a video

    Import the video from which you need to detach audio to this online webpage.
  • 02

    Customize the track

    Drag the slider or input the starting and ending times to select the clip you need to extract.
  • 03

    Save audio

    Click the "Start extracting" option and after a while, you will be able to save your aufio file

The first choice of online audio extractor

When you are editing a video, you can easily extract the audio files with this great online extractor. Rip audio from a specific time segment in the video by dragging the slider or entering the starting and ending times. It is worth mentioning that extracting the whole audio file is also effortless.

Add a video in any format

All mainstream format videos imported can be converted to mp3 directly. While using the video preview function, the extractor can adjust the interception time by itself, which is more intuitive and convenient than general audio extractors.

An online cloud editor

The portable online tool extracts audio without plugins or ads. It is compatible with all systems for beginners to take advantage of.

Easy for everyone to create

The direct interface leads to you to complete extract audio within few minutes, even if you don’t have too much editing experience or time to learn so you can still be satisfied with it’s simple operation: Click easily without additional identification to get your favorite BGM in a video.

Highlight features

Easy, Simple to use service, but with powerful functions

  • No limit

    No space and device restrictions, just open the webpage to extract your audio files.
  • High efficiency

    1 click to extract audio from video, save time video editing with its simple operation.
  • Privacy protected

    All of the data from our customers will be deleted in time. We promise to protect your privacy.

Customers' reviews

Your support is what drives our improvement

  • Michael

    I’m an anchor and the program is exactly what I need now, I can separate my original audio from my video now. Very appreciate that It has done the job very well for me!
  • Anna

    I'm not good with those technical editors, it's too hard to edit by those complicated softwares, so grateful for this easy-to-learn editor.
  • Mr. S

    I can't believe there is a such good online editor in the world, I have archived this webpage in order to extract audio tracks from video whenever I need to!

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