Apps to Use Two Facebook accounts on Android

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Hailed as the “King” of all social media apps, Facebook literally took the world by storm. Despite having rivals equipped with new features and exclusive functionalities, nothing beats the ingenuity of facebook. Whether for business, professional, personal or corporate use, facebook has garnered much public attention. In fact, it is estimated that there are 1.65 billion monthly active users worldwide using this app.

From posting pictures to commenting on your friend’s video, facebook is without a doubt wonderful. However, users are not allowed to run multiple facebook accounts on Android. Having more than just one facebook account is indeed beneficial especially for those who don’t want things mixed up. Maintaining a separate business account and one for your personal use is more schematized as you can control the privacy as well as exclusivity of each account.

Logging in and out from your smartphone just to check all your facebook accounts is undeniably tiring, not to mention time consuming too. Luckily, you can now use two facebook accounts on Android without having to deal with switching back and forth. Read on to know more.

Apps to Run Facebook in One Android Phone

Parallel Space

Created by LBE Tech, Parallel Space is a sweet nifty tool that allow users to log in to their multiple facebook accounts all at the same time in one device. What’s great about this tool is that even if you simultaneously log-in to all your accounts, data from both accounts won’t interfere with each other. It also protects your privacy by making the app invisible on the device via the Incognito feature. With Parallel Space, you can run two facebook accounts both at the same time and switching between them can be done with just one tap.

2 Facebook with Parallel Space

How to use two facebook accounts on android using Parallel Space is actually easy, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to Google Play and install Parallel Space on your smartphone.

  2. Once installed, open it and from the list of available apps, select facebook.
  3. Tap to open facebook and configure it with your second account.
  4. Log in your second account credentials and your good to go.
  5. You can add as many apps possible and there is no limit on how many virtual apps you can run.

Parallel Space supports not just Facebook but also WhatsApp, Messenger, Uber, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, Twitter and many more.

2Accounts: Multi User Switch

Another great tool that allows two facebook accounts on android phone simultaneously is the 2Accounts: Multi User Switch. Created by Excelliance Technology, this application works just like the previous software. It allows logging in of two different facebook accounts in just one phone. With 2Accounts: Multi User Switch, it gives you an advantage of using two different facebook messengers and two different game modes all in a single smartphone. Like with other parallel applications, there is zero storage conflict between the two accounts. Additionally, there is a security lock to protect your account from the prying eyes.

Two Facebook with 2Accounts

To run multiple facebook accounts on Android using 2Accounts: Multi User Switch, simply:

  1. Download and install 2Accounts: Multi User Switch on Google Play.

  2. Once installed, open the application and select facebook app by marking the checkbox.
  3. Click enable to virtually clone the application.
  4. To use two facebook accounts on Android, simply go back to the main screen of the app and tap the facebook icon.
  5. Log in your second account credentials and enjoy.

Just like Parallel Space, the 2Accounts: Multi User Switch supports various applications aside from facebook. You can use it to clone WhatsApp, Instagram, Peel, Photos, Pocket Money, Paytm and many more by simply adding more apps.


There are many programs out there that allows you to run two facebook accounts on android phone without having to log in and out every time. Both Parallel Space and 2Accounts: Multi User Switch runs smoothly. But they differ in terms of features and functionalities. With Parallel Space, the incognito feature works like a charm and it protects your privacy without the need to further configure the application.

On the other hand, with 2Accounts: Multi User Switch, the security lock is amazing but you need to become a VIP member first to enjoy this feature. How to use two facebook accounts on android using the app is generally easy, but minor glitches such as usage access permission denial pops up from time to time.

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