How to Stop Phone from Overheating

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That the phone is getting hot might be harmful for it and its battery life. Many phone owners complain about overheating problem of their phones and want to figure out a way to solve it. Actually, there are several reasons such as the surrounding temperature of the phone, large storage taken up on your phone, apps running in the background and many more. To solve this problem, we provide some practical methods to help you cool down your phone.

Ways on How to Stop Phone from Overheating

1. Keep Your Phone in a Cool Place

You may easily find that your phone is more likely to overheat when the weather is hot. So if possible, find a cool place for your mobile. What’s more, when you charge the phone, the charging module will also generate some heat. Thus, do not put your phone around something hot or beside other running devices and remove the phone case while it’s charged.

But remember, placing your phone in somewhere cool doesn’t mean putting it into a refrigerator, because that will also cause damage to your phone. However, you can cool down your phone by putting it in front of a fan or air conditioner vent.

Cool Place

2. Manage Your Phone Storage

Too many files and applications stored on your phone might also lead to overheating problems. In that case, you need to check out what kind of files eat your phone storage. You can go to “Settings” to view storage and delete some unwanted data, but if you find it too complicated, try the products below.

For Android Devices – Use Apowersoft Phone Manager

Phone Manager app now is updated to version 3.0 for Android, which can help you mange phone files directly on the phone.

On your phone, open this app and tap menu icon. Click “Space analyser” to see how much space you have used and how much space you can use. It also analyses how data like music, photos, videos takes up your storage. Press each item to view details, you can select and delete some items. And go to “APPS” tab, uninstall apps that you seldom use.

Phone Manager

Also, this application has a desktop version, so you can use it to manage your phone through PC, transfer data between smartphone and PC and back up files. Just click the button below to download.


For iDevices – AirMore FlashDisk

If your phone is an iPhone, you can try AirMore FlashDisk, as it could not only analyse your iPhone storage but also add storage to iPhone. To make it work, you need to download AirMore+ app on your iPhone and connect your network to this disk. Then the result of your storage analysis will be shown on your app interface. And you may transfer files to the disk. Moreover, if you need the files stored in the disk, you can transfer them to iPhone or PC freely.

3. Update Your Apps and Close Background Apps

The applications you use might have some bugs, so the developers of the Apps often update them to fix the problems, which will also help you stop phone from overheating and make your phone work more smoothly.

And multiple apps running in the background may easily increase the burden of CPU, thus, you should close them.

Update Apps

4. Let Your Phone Have a Rest

Constantly working may also cause phone to overheat. So, after you have a long phone call, watch videos and play games, let your phone have some rests.

5. Use Professional Apps

Here is another tip for Android owners. As numerous apps are designed to help Android users solve overheating problems, you can download one from Google Play. Take CPU Cooler Master as an example, it will scan CPU status for phone, tell you the current temperature of your phone and which apps heat up your smartphone. Also, you can tap the snowflake button to cool down your phone.

CPU Cooler Master


Besides the surrounding temperature, heavy load of storage, background apps, and long-time working of your phone, poor battery will also cause overheating. In that case, you’d better improve phone’s battery life to prevent your phone from heating up.

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  • If your phone is waterproof, hold it under a faucet and turn on the cold water. That will cool it down really fast. Make sure that the charging port does not become wet.
  • cpu cooler is a scam never trust battery savers, boosters, etc. It'll cause your phone to slow down due to it eating up your ram and memory.
  • I have my phone in my case cause I can't get it back in after I take it out. It is in front of a fan. Thanks for the info
  • I HAVE IPHONE 5S Now The IPhone's rear camera & flash are not working it inttimate that "FLASH IS DISABLED THE IPHONE NEEDS TO COOL DOWN BEFORE YOU CAN USE THE FLASH" so kindly send me the soliution.
  • Need app to cool down phone
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