Detailed Guide on How to Play Polysphere on the Computer

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Polysphere is a 3D puzzle mobile game developed by Playgendary. In this game, you need to complete the puzzle by finding the right spot until you form the picture which resembles to the possible result. The game is cool and relatively fun, yet playing it on the computer will let you see the hidden object clearly and let you bring all the polygons together much easier. So, read through this article and learn how you could play Polysphere on PC using your keyboard.

How to Play Polysphere on the Computer

Detailed Guide on How to Play Polysphere on the Computer



There are a lot of amazing apps that are available on the web and one of them is ApowerMirror. It is an excellent mirroring utility which comes for both Android and iOS users. This lets you display the whole screen of your phone to PC with the display option of Full Screen and Landscape mode. Along with this, it enables you to navigate your phone using the mouse and keyboard of your computer. That way you’ll be able to play games, chat, as well as compose text messages via your keyboard. Furthermore, this tool provides cool features such as screenshot, screen recording, and annotation which is useful if you want to make marks on a presentation. Anyway, here’s a brief guide on how to play Polysphere on the computer.

  • Download and install ApowerMirror then launch the program on your computer.Download
  • Once the app is launched, connect your smartphone to your computer by using a USB cable.
  • The app will then be automatically downloaded to your mobile device. A couple of notifications will be asking permission to allow the mirroring process. Make sure to allow USB debugging for a successful connection on both devices.
  • For the final step, tap “Start Now” and you will see that your phone’s screen has been mirrored to your PC.
  • By simply following the above-mentioned steps, you can now start to play Polysphere on the computer

General Tips and Tricks for Playing Polysphere on PC


Polysphere is an enjoyable game to play for those who love puzzles. Yet still some players find it difficult. The thing is, if you are just starting to play the game, you can actually form the picture with the right strategies. So, don’t be upset because you don’t need to be a pro gamer to get through each stage. With that being said, take a look at some of our tricks and tips listed below.

Bring the polygons together
The picture is not entirely clear and for you to find what the object is, you need to find the spot where they come together in place to form an object. You can do this by slowly rotating the image and through a mental picture, you may learn how the pieces were brought together. Just keep on rotating the 3D puzzle until you see the resemblance of the possible image result.

Turn the puzzle upside-down
When various rotations are not enough to see the image clearly, you may also try to turn the puzzle 180 degrees. It works sometimes, especially when you feel that everything is right but, the game is not confirming it. So, the next time you are close to the solution, just reverse the picture.

Match the color and hue of the puzzle
One of the best strategies in forming the object is by matching the colors of the object. With this method, it would be easier for you to fit the pieces together and figure out what the object is. In some instances, a Polysphere comprised of couple of colors with varying hues. So, try to work on polygons of the same color and bring them closer to unlock the hidden picture.


  • Imagine the resemblance of the entire 3D puzzle.
  • Always try to match up the colors.
  • Move the entire 360 degrees to solve the puzzle.
  • Try to focus on a few pieces.
  • Mildly swipe on your phone’s screen to chance upon a pattern.
  • Take time to complete the puzzle.


With ApowerMirror you can now comfortably play Polysphere on PC and see the puzzle from a much wider view. Moreover, you can use the screen recording capability of the app and make a tutorial on how you were able to solve the puzzle using the strategies and tricks listed above.

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