Easy Ways to Play Boom Beach on PC

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Boom Beach, a game developed by Supercell, is gaining increasing popularity among game players. In this game, you can organize a task group with players all over the world to take down the enemy together, and scout, plan, and then boom the beach. As a player of the game, you may wonder how to play Boom Beach on PC to enjoy the game on a larger screen or make it easier to share the gameplay with your friends and family. In fact, there are two easy ways available for Android users to play boom beach on PC.

Easy Ways to Play Boom Beach on PC

How to Play Boom Beach on PC


Regarding playing Android games on PC, one of the most powerful tools is ApowerMirror. It’s a professional screen mirroring application which allows you to stream your phone screen to your computer and even control your Android phone and tablet from PC . In order to play Boom Beach on PC, you need to take some simple steps before you connect your phone to your PC. After the connection is established, you can play Boom Beach on it. Download ApowerMirror on your PC before you go with the following steps to play boom beach on PC.


Via USB cable

  1. Go to “Developer Options”, and turn on “USB debugging” on your Android device.
  2. Connect your phone to your PC via a USB cable.
  3. Choose “Always allow from this computer” and tap “OK” if you are asked to allow USB debugging.

Connect Android to PC

Via WiFi

  1. Download ApowerMirror on your Android device.
  2. Connect your phone and PC to the same WiFi network.
  3. Launch ApowerMirror on your computer as well as your Android; tap “MIRROR” in the bottom part of the application. Afterwards choose the device named as “Apowersoft”.

After the connection is established for your Android to PC, you can launch the game by clicking with the mouse and then all that remains is playing Boom Beach on your computer. With ApowerMirror, you can also take screenshots by clicking on the camera icon, and record the gameplay by clicking on the recorder icon. Playing this game on the large screen of the PC will definitely make it more interesting.

Play Boom Beach with ApowerMirror


Another useful app you can optionally use to play Boom Beach on PC is Vysor. This app is said to be “A Window to your Android”. With its high compatibility, you can use it with every operating system. You can use apps, control your Android and play games with it. Therefore, if you want to play Boom Beach on computer, this app is also a good choice. Follow the steps below to get it to its full operation.

  1. Download the app onto your Android device.
  2. Follow the instructions and add Vysor to Chrome and run it both on your phone and your computer.
  3. Plug a USB cable into your PC and connect it yo your phone, and then choose your mobile on your PC.

Play Boom Beach via Vysor

One disadvantage of Vysor is that, setting up Wi-Fi between your Android device and PC cannot be used as a channel for connection, but you need to get your phone connected to your PC via USB cable. After the connection is established, you can start playing Boom Beach with your mouse right away. Furthermore, Vysor also allows you to take screenshots and record the game. You can rotate the screen if you want although cannot make it to full screen.

Comparison of the key features of ApowerMirror and Vysor

Mirror and Control Android
Screen Recording
High Quality Mirroring
Go Wireless
Full Screen

Note: Vysor has some limitations, but Vysor Pro allows you to access all of its functions and future features.

ApowerMirror and Vysor are therefore both very useful tools for playing Boom Beach on PC. With them, you can turn your computer to a Boom Beach playing machine anytime at your own will. However, the two apps have different features and can meet different needs. You can refer to the table above to choose the one that satisfies your needs most.

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