Feasible ways to mirror iPhone on Mac

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Considered as one of the most well-known technical companies over the world, Apple Inc. has generated a series of popular products just like iPhone, iPad and Mac. All these products are highly appreciated by their innovative features as well as high performance. However, sometimes iOS users may want to mirror iPhone screen on Mac for various purposes. On doing that, they can share their iPhone screen with anyone else or enjoy a larger screen while playing game or making a video call. However, Apple Inc. doesn’t offer a direct way for users to make this happen. Hence, let’s talk about several feasible ways which can help you do the job easily.

Advanced programs to mirror iPhone on Mac


ApowerMirror excels in streaming iPhone screen and sound to Mac. With this excellent helper, users feel free to record iPhone screen or take a screenshot. Files are saved automatically on PC for further operation users may need.

  1. Download the software on Mac and activate it.


  2. Go to Control center. Open “Screen mirroring” on your iOS device. Then choose the device name including Apowersoft. Both devices are supposed to be under the same WiFi.

    ios screen mirroring

  3. Then you will find your iPhone screen is cast to Mac. Now begin your journey on Mac.

    ApowerMirror on Mac

Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder

Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder is one well-designed program which is suitable for a newbie or a veteran. It not only covers primary screen mirroring feature but also equips with many extra functions. When using this tool, the user can mirror all contents from their iPhone to Mac or Windows computer. Opening an app or playing a game is still easy and you can enjoy the fun with a larger screen display. Moreover, the audio track of the video will also be synced to computer without any loss, which is perfect for making demos or tutorials, including recording FaceTime Calls or Skype.

mirror iPhone to Mac

Provided with a stable network, you can connect your iPhone with Mac without using a cable. To know how you can mirror iPhone to Mac, simply follow the guidance below.

  • The very first step is to download and install the program on Mac.


  • On seeing its interface, just set your iPhone connected to the same network as the computer does. Customize some settings such as display quality in the options menu.
  • Get you iPhone in hand, open up the control center and find “AirPlay” tab, press on it.
  • You can see an item together with your Mac name, tap it and turn on the mirroring option.

    tap airplay

  • Then your iPhone screen will be displayed on Mac instantly. If you want to finish mirroring, simply click on the button to disconnect.

screen mirroring on Mac

Plus, it enables you to capture screen activity and make it a video or an image in high quality. For recording screen, you can capture audio source from system and microphone, both or respectively. Currently, it is compatible with iOS 7 and higher versions.

extra screenshot feature

Other Useable Tools for iPhone Screen Mirroring

1. QuickTime Player

Actually, QuickTime Player is also an available tool to use concerning how to mirror iPhone to Mac. As long as you connect iPhone to Mac with lightning cable, just open QuickTime Player and select “File” > “New Movie Recording”. Drop down the menu beside recording button and click on your iPhone or iPad. Just for a second, your phone screen will be displayed on Mac. Optionally, you can select to capture your screen and save a movie. But video can be mute unless you have installed a virtual sound card on your Mac.

quicktime player for screen mirroring

2. Airserver

Instead of what mentioned above, many people would like to utilize Airserver to mirror iPhone screen on Mac, too. Airserver is a famous screen mirroring program which enables you to stream mobile screen activity to different platforms including Windows and Mac. Via Airplay, it is able to get wireless connection between iPhone/iPad and computer and brings us a lot of joy in many aspects such as education, business as well as entertainment.

airserver mirroring on Mac

Sometimes it cannot work smoothly and the screencast video will contain lags due to various factors like Wi-Fi network and computer specs. In most cases, it is still a trustable tool for us and its screen recording feature also benefits a lot of gamers and users.


All programs aforementioned are great tools to mirror iPhone on Mac screen. With them, you can enjoy better visual effect no matter for presentation or game. You can have a trial first and choose one that suits you best. In my opinion, I prefer Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder and ApowerMirror for their stable performance along with powerful screen capturing features which enables me to share my highlighted game clips with my friends in a great easy way.

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