Tips to iPhone X: How to Make Full Use of iPhone X

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As we all know, iPhone X has sparked a heated discussion about its new features. This new iPhone model abandons the traditional home button and applies an edge-to-edge screen with a notch at the top. Some users, however, find it difficult to fully understand iPhone X’s hidden features. Due to these introduced featueres, many gestures and methods of operation have changed completely. Here you can see the most important iPhone X tips and tricks and you can deepen the knowledge of the added features.

iPhone X User Guide

Make a Face ID

face id

Setting up a face ID is one of the most important iPhone X tricks. Firstly, make sure the TrueDepth camera is clean or else the Face ID cannot work properly. Then, go to Setting > Face ID & Passcode > Set up face ID. Afterwards try to hold your face still as well as keep an optimal distance with your iPhone X while the face ID is set up. The full face and eyes should be included on the frame. After you finished setting up the Face ID, tap “Done”. To unlock your iPhone X with face ID, you need to tap to wake up the screen of your phone first, and afterwards glace at it.

Take a Screenshot

screenshot iPhone X

Due to the the loss of the home button, the way of taking an iPhone X screenshot has been totally changed. There are several iPhone X tips of taking a screenshot on iPhone X. The easiest and fast fastest way is to simultaneously press the Power button and the Volume Up button and quickly release them. Another way of taking a screenshot on iPhone X is to use AssistiveTouch. Go to Setting > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. You can afterwards set the double-tap for making a screenshot.

Enable Reachability


Reachability is the function that brings the top part of the screen closer to the bottom for easier single-handed access. To enable Reachability, the first thing to do is to update your system to iOS 11. Then go to Setting > General > Accessibility and you can set Reachability as you like.

Activate Siri

activate Siri

You can use your voice to activate Siri and make sure you had set Hey Siri first. Once you have enabled it, just says “Hey Siri” to activate Siri. Another way is to press the side button for seconds.

Open Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Another iPhone X guide is to open Apple Pay. Without the home button, just double-click the power button on the right side and you can open Apple Pay instantly. However you need to switch on Apple Pay first. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode, then flip the switch on Apple Pay from OFF to ON.

Close an App

close Apps

Sometimes we need to quit an app while it is running because of the crashing of the app. At this time, you should force it to quit and then restart the app. Swipe up from the bottom edge and then pause for about a half second. Long press on the screen and tap on the minus icon. Or you can also swipe up to force-close them, and then the app can be quitted.

Download Apps

download Apps

As one of the most useful iPhone X tips, downloading the apps is the necessary thing you need to know. For free apps, just tap the “Get” button next to the app, then double-click on the Side button. For paid apps, you need to show the Face ID to authorize the purchase. Afterwards the app can be downloaded.

Open Control Center & Notifications

Control Center

Different from the former iPhones, swiping up from the bottom of the screen cannot open Control Center. Here is an iPhone X trick to guide you to open control center. Just swipe down from the top-right corner of the iPhone X, the Control Center will be displayed. Besides, swipe down from the top-left corner of the screen, so afterwards you can see all the notifications.

Turn off & Force to Restart

restart iPhone X

The next iPhone X guide is to force to restart the phone. Sometimes something goes wrong and the iPhone should be rebooted. We previously got used to holding holding down the power button on the side to shut it down or restart it. But from this version this method doesn’t work on iPhone X anymore. To force to restart it, firstly press and quickly release the Volume Up button, secondly do the same for the Volume Down button, then press the power button until you see the Apple logo. Besides, just press the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously and you can turn off your iPhone X.

Send an Animoji


Animoji is a new function relying on the front-facing True Depth camera which Apple generally uses for facial recognition as its main function. With this, you can create animated characters and send them to your friends. Open the Message and edit a message firstly. Afterwards choose an Animoji, look straight into your camera to record an Animoji. You can record it up to 10 seconds and then send to others.


These are the main iPhone X tips and tricks to help you get to grips with it. It seems that you should relearn the techniques of using a new iPhone X. Too many features are changed or added. You need to get familiar with them so that you can make full use of your device.

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