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Excitingly, Apple released an amazing video app called Clips just a few days ago. Basically, it’s an app features video capture and editing for making decent video footage. You can add captions, effects, music, graphics, emoji and more to the video clips. Furthermore, it also has many wonderful features to explore, for instance, it can turn the words you say into captions, freely move the clip around, and smartly recommend the contacts for sharing.

With many functions integrated into one app, it’s still easy to navigate without hassles. Many of us can easily understand how to use Clips app or share the Clips video with others after spending some time on it. However, in case you want to save the time on exploring the features, here’s a comprehensive guide for quickly going through the app. Within the inspiration of these tips, you should work out your fantastic videos with creativity.

Tips on How to Use Clips App

How to take a Clips video?

Capturing a video is simple, as it only requires holding on “HOLD TO RECORD” button to start with the screencast. Keep holding the button when your capture is going on and release to finish your screencast. But it could be a monotonous task to hold the button for creating a long video, thus you can set to record a video constantly without the button being pressed. In order to do it, please hold the right part of the button and slide to the left side. When you see a lock icon, release your finger. The shooting will continue until you tap the button again to end it.

Take Video with Clips

How to load videos/photos from Photo Library?

Apart from taking videos/photos using the app, you can also load the videos and photos from the Photo Library for adding to your storyboard. Just tap the “LIBRARY” button above the “HOLD TO RECORD” button, and then you can choose one video or photo from the Library. You can also tap “Albums” at the upper right corner to search within the folders.

Choose Library in Clips

How to add caption to a Clips video?

There are two ways that you can use to add captions to the video. One is to automatically show up the caption when you voice over the video, another is to enter the captions manually.

For the first way, you need to tap the first button at the top and choose the style for the captions. You can configure the style so before or after making narrations. The only difference is that it shows captions along with your narration simultaneously, you need to revise the captions manually if any mistakes exist in the demonstration.

Talk when recording in Clips

For the second method, you choose a video clip, tap the third button at the top, choose a text style for applying to the caption of the video. Then tap the words to change them. After that, tap “Apply” at the right corner. But note that it will exist during the whole clip.

Add text in Clips

How to add filter to a Clips video?

You can touch up videos by applying special effects. The process is very easy. You just need to tap the second button on top before or after you take the video. The latest version of this app provides a couple of filters, including Noir, Instant, Transfer, Fade, Comic Book, Ink and Chrome.

Add filter in Clips

How to add graphics and emoji to a Clips video?

It’s advisable to make your audiences more delightful by inserting graphics and emoji to your videos. Tap the third button at the top and you will see the presets of all graphics available in the app. Slide to the right side and find the suitable emoji. After you add one to the video, you can hold it to move it to the place you want, rotate it or even zoom in or out with your fingers. For now, there are not many options. But you can add a random emoji and then double tap it to change it to the default emoji of your iPhone.

Add Graphics and Emoji in Clips

How to add templates to a Clips video?

Tap the fourth button at the top to display all the templates. Choose a template and wait for it to be downloaded to your phone. After adding it to the clips, you can change the words in the template by tapping them and then tap “Apply”. Lastly, hold the “HOLD TO RECORD” button to add it to the video.

Add Template in Clips

How to add music to a Clips video?

A great video cannot be made without a proper background music. To add it, simply tap the music button at the upper right corner. From there, you can either choose music from Soundtracks which need to be downloaded from the cloud server, or from My Music. Afterward, tap “Done” at the upper right corner. You can also use this way to turn off the background music. Besides, it will lower the volume of background music automatically when it comes with your voice at the same time.

Add music in Clips

How to cut a Clips video?

This function comes in handy when you need to trim a long video clip. You can choose it and tap the scissors icon. Drag and drop the time points to define the range of your video playback. Then tap “Apply” at the bottom. There’s an amazing feature that you can still return to the origian clip after making the changes, having the chance to re-edit your video clip over again.

Cut video in Clips

How to adjust the order of the clips

Sometimes, when you put several clips together to make a video, you may find some clips are not in the right order. It is very easy to adjust them, you only need to tap the clips and move them to the place you like.

Move clip in Clips

How to delete a Clips video?

If you want to delete a clip, just choose it, tap the trash icon and then tap “Delete Clip”.

Delete clip in Clips

If you want to delete the whole video, tap the “˅” button at the left upper corner, long press the video until you see a “X” icon on top. Tap the icon and choose “Delete Video”.

Delete video in Clips

How to mute the voice of a Clips video?

If you don’t want to record your voice while shooting, you can tap the microphone button to turn it off. If you have recorded a video with voice but need to get rid of it, then you can choose the video and tap the voice button to mute the recorded voice.

Mute voice in Clips

How to save a Clips video?

Upon completing the editing process, you will need to save your clips or the entire video to mobile.

To save a specific clip, just choose it and then tap the download icon at the upper right corner. However, it will only save the original video without any effects or added graphics, emoji, etc.

Save clip in Clips

To save a video with effects completely, it’s a little bit more complicated, you need to tap the “˅” button at the left upper corner, choose the video, tap the share button at the bottom and choose “Save Video”.

Save video in Clips

All the videos or clips saved this way will be stored in the Camera Roll.

How to share a Clips video?

When you have created a brilliant video, you probably need to share with others. In order to do so, tap the “˅” button in the upper-left corner, select a finished video and tap the share button at the bottom. Then you can choose to share on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, or a person in your Contact flexibly. It’s worth mentioning that this app can smartly recognize the persons appearing in your video, the contacts you share with most frequently, and list their names for you to choose.

Share video in Clips

That’s all the tricks you need to know for using Clips app. Now, go ahead and make a cool video by yourself!

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