How to Charge iPhone Battery Properly

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Most people charge their iPhone chaotically. Some are charging the device every night, while others do it in the car or in the subway using a portable charger. Some don’t charge until the device battery is close to zero, when others prefer to begin charging when the battery is still 70-80 percent full. Suppose that you buy an iPhone SE when it’s released, how will you charge it properly? Here are some tips that will help you to check if you charge iPhone battery in a right way.

Tips for charging iPhone battery properly

Do not let go to zero every time

Some users consider that it is better to fully discharge the device and then charge to 100% each time they are using it. Actually it is the myth that has its origins in the dawn of the mobile era. The first mobile phones had the nickel-cadmium and nickel-manganese batteries that had a so-called “memory effect”. The essence of this effect was the fact that an incomplete discharge caused to the gradual reduction in capacity over time. However, the modern lithium-ion batteries are not the same and you don’t need to wait until the smartphone goes to zero each time. It won’t help to maximize iPhone battery life.

However, it is recommended to calibrate the battery life for maximum performance every one or two months in order to ensure that your device’s battery performs at its optimum level. Just let it drain down to zero, charge it up to 100%, leave the device for an hour with the charger plugged and then repeat all the steps one more time.

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Do not overheat the battery

Another tip to maximize iPhone battery life is to keep it in an environment without too high temperatures. The smartphone performs well in a range of ambient temperatures 16°C to 22°C. If the average temperature is 25°C, every year the battery will lose a one-fifth of its capacity.

That’s why it is not a good idea to charge the device wirelessly (using special adapters) too often, because they generate excess heat. Aside from it, do remember to remove the case when you are charging the iPhone for a long time, for it may cause overheating problem.

Do not keep the device constantly charging

Although it is okay to charge your iPhone overnight, it is not recommended to keep the iPhone constantly charging to maintain the battery in working condition. Only connect your iPhone to charger when necessary. It’s beneficial for you to extend iPhone battery life at the greatest degree.

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Do not store your phone without any power

Keeping the phones discharged for a long time isn’t a wise choice. That is why all modern phones come from the manufacturer partially or fully charged. If you are going to store your device, watch out the battery level. It is better to charge it to around 50% before putting it in a drawer. And if you are going to store your iPhone for longer than half a year, then charge it to 50% every six months.


So, now you know how to charge iPhone battery properly. It’s not hard keeping the battery ticking over for as long as possible. Just try to follow our tips when you charge the iPhone next time.

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  • At what percentage should my iPhone reach before I charge it? I've been told 0%, 5%, and 20%. I am confused.