Best Smartphones for 2017

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Nowadays, smartphones are part of the most useful gadgets for everyone. For this, all of the famous brands release new smartphones each year and hope their products can fulfill users’ expectations. Moreover, we have noticed the evolution of this multiple task device with its attractive design, features, and impressive functions since last year. Unfortunately, there were some problems happening for several brands. We hope that it would not happen again.

The year of 2017 is a new start for the smartphone industry. Famous companies strive for the trust and fondness from the customers. They wait for the date of release and hope to win the title of the best smartphone of 2017. Below is the glimpse of the best smartphones for 2017:

Best Smartphones for 2017

Famous Samsung and its GALAXY S8:

We do not know exactly the date of release yet but what we are already sure is that S8 will be one of the greatest phones that Samsung users are waiting for, despite the problem of the Note 7 last year. What’s more, rumors go that Samsung is still working on the design, to be exact, three side faces for an exceptional version and unique smartphone ever. Moreover, in terms of performance, it seems that the system would be better than ever with its Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The birthday gift, iPhone 8:

It has been 10 years until now since iPhone entered into our life. Rumors suggest that the new iPhone 8 will be produced to mark this anniversary, so it may be equipped with more delicate functions and better services than ever before. It means the new iPhone 8 has the potential to be the best smartphone in 2017. At this time again, we expect something more impressive for the design, like being thinner. In addition, it is predicted that all the expectations we had on the iPhone 7 before are likely to be realized on the new iPhone 8. What’s more, the company may remove the home button.

iPhone 8

LG comes back with the LG G6

Even though the previous LG G5 has not satisfied smartphones users, this time the brand will do everything to propel LG G6 to be the top of the best smartphones in 2017. Meantime, the company still focuses on the design, thus keeping the company competitive. However, users may find it confusing that LG G6 is a clone version of the LG G5. Anyway, the company suggested that it would be a waterproof smartphone with a shiny aluminum shell, hopefully, it would work this time.


HTC 11

The company has already reported that the next HTC will be released at the beginning of this year. However, it is claimed that the device would share nearly the same design as its predecessor with the shiny metal shell with two kinds of textures. What remains to see are its system and its processor. Rumors circulate that it will be launched with a Snapdragon 830 system. Nevertheless, what would make it attractive are its high definition dual camera of 15MP, its powerful battery and its resistance to water. So do you think that the HTC 11 is going to be the best smartphone for 2017?

HTC 11

Sony and the Xperia Z7

We have heard several rumors about the next Sony Xperia Z7. What we make sure is that the device will come in a mini smartphone and a Premium. They will be equipped with a dual camera, a more elaborate system and one of the latest versions of Google’s operating system. Everyone expects Sony Xperia Z7 would provide much more options and features at an affordable price.

Sony Xperia Z7

Smartphone lovers will find there is lots of good news this year. The famous smartphone brands compete for your preference. You will be amazed at these incredible and new smartphones. Which one do you think it’s the best smartphone in 2017? Tell us your favorite and the reason in the comment!

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