Simple Ways to Record a Google Hangout on PC and Mobile

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Google Hangouts is an instant messaging platform providing video chats and SMS services welcomed by many netizens as it could be used online through Gmail or downloaded on Android and iPhone. Moreover, as it allows performing group video chats, users would love to make online meeting or course. And in order to save the video chats for further use, they often try to figure out how to record Google Hangout with easy ways. Here, I have found several good solutions for Hangout users to record a video chat on PC and mobile respectively.

Recording Hangouts video on PC

1. ShowMore

This is a web-based screen recorder which is free to use. Compatible with Windows and Mac, it could help users to record Google Hangouts on PC with great convenience. ShowMore allows you to customize the region you want to record. Your own voice would be recorded with others while in a Hangout video chat. Besides, there are 8 types for video output. And real-time editing like adding captions and signs is also available.

Google Hangout recorder

Pros: Simple operation, unlimited time of recording, various types of video output.

Cons: Network should be necessary.

2. Screencast-O-Matic

This is another free Google Hangout recorder for PC users who want to record a Google Hangout video call. The free version allows you to adjust the recording area. Free version provides you 15-minute recording to experience and only narration audio could be captured from mic, which means you can only record your own voice in a Hangout call. Once the recording is over, you could publish it to YouTube quickly.


Pros: Easy to use, fast sharing to social network.

Cons: Limited recording time, computer sound recording is not supported, annoying watermark on the video.

Capturing Hangouts video on mobile

1. Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder

Connecting to PC via AirPlay, this iOS screen recorder could help users to capture screen. It also could be regarded as a great tool to record a Google Hangout. This application offers version for both Windows and Mac users to download.


Your iPhone screen would be casted to PC screen when connection is done. With a simple click to start recording, any activities including Hangout video chats would be captured with audio from system sound and microphone. Moreover, you could also take quick screenshot with this application.

iOS screen recorder

Pros: Jailbreak is unnecessary, multiple choices of audio input and video output format.

Cons: A computer is needed.

2. iRec (iOS)

This is also a jailbreak-free recorder for iPhone users. It could be applied directly on iPhone for recording Google Hangout. You can change resolution of the video and device audio could also be captured with video. However, you have to download IPA file from its official page and install a Cydia Impactor on your computer if you want to install iRec onto your iPhone successfully. And that would cost you some time. Plus, a red recording status bar will appear in each of recording.


Pros: No need of jailbreaking.

Cons: It requires computer to install the app on iPhone and the installation process is a little bit complicated.

3. Apowersoft Screen Recorder (Android)

This app is used widely by many Android users to record their screen activities like gameplays. Of course it is a great choice for you to record Google Hangouts video call. It could be downloaded from Google Play.

You could configure preferences such as resolution and orientation in settings. By hitting the start button, recording begins quickly as you wish. Audio could be recorded via microphone. And this app could satisfy you if you want a screenshot.

Android recorder

Pros: Video capturing and screenshot are available.

Cons: Only Android 5.0 and higher version could apply it.

These Hangout video recording tools recommended above all are easy to follow. No matter what platform you are using for Hangout, pick the most liked one catering to your own needs.

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