How to Level Up in Pokémon Go

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When Pokémon Go was released, many people started to get excited in playing it. They enjoy catching Pokémons everywhere as it is the very first GPS-based game that gets so popular. On the other hand, in many instances, most people get to find those common Pokémons only and it is very hard to find the rare ones. However, you can have higher chances of capturing them if you increase your Trainer Level. You can raise the level through earning XPs. The more XPs you have, the better odds you can get to level up fast in Pokémon Go. Here are the ways to gain XPs easily.

Ways to Level Up Fast in Pokémon Go Game

1. Catch Pokémon

This is obviously the main purpose of the game – to catch the Pokémons everywhere. For every catch you make, you can get experience points. Additionally, extra points will also be awarded according to the skills you have in throwing the Poké Balls. Nice-throw-points are different from excellent-throw-points. And you may also gain extra points if you captured a new Pokémon. This is one of the reasons why people would go anywhere just to catch new Pokémons. Also, you can try Lure Module to attract Pokémons to Poke Stops or use Incense to lure those creatures to you.

Catch Pokémon

2. Visit Poke Stops

Poke Stops are not hard to find as they are everywhere. Don’t forget to visit them because they will give you Poké Balls, Eggs, Revives and XPs. They won’t give you tons of XPs, but with just a short period of time, you can visit more Poke Stops and those XPs will really help in leveling up.

3. Hatch Eggs

When you visit Poke Stops, you tend to find eggs. This is another way to level up your trainer in Pokémon Go. When you find an egg, carry it and walk at least 1 kilometer away and the egg will be hatched into a Pokémon. You will gain XP once it is hatched no matter what kind of Pokémon it is. You can have extra more XPs when you hatch a new or rare creature. So, go outside and start walking!

Hatch Eggs

But if you don’t want to walk such long distances, just go to “Settings” on your phone, find GPS and turn “High Accuracy” into “Device Only” option.

4. Evolve Your Pokémons

Evolving your Pokémons will also help you level up your trainer in Pokémon Go. However, evolving is not that easy as each Pokémon requires a specific amount of “Candy”. You can get “Candy” whenever you catch a Pokémon. If you own enough “Candy” for evolution and you have your Pokémon evolved, your Pokémon will become stronger and the greatest part is that more XPs will be given to you. If you are lack of “Candy”, you can transfer duplicate Pokémons to Professor Willow. But remember, don’t give the stronger ones, as they may be helpful in battles.

Evolve Pokémons

5. Battle and Train at Gyms

Training and battling in gyms are great ways to level up fast in Pokémon Go. You will get experience points for each Pokémon that you defeat. However, gyms are not easy to find as compared with Poke Stops. You do not have the assurance of winning as well because some Gyms are controlled by other stronger Teams. If you are a newbie, it is recommended for you to find a friendly gym where you can battle with not so tough and strong opponents. However, if you feel like training in a gym that is controlled by other teams, you can give it a try. But again, it will be more challenging and the chances of winning are less than those in friendly gyms.

Those are the 5 ways on how to level up in Pokémon Go. Leveling up will not happen in a day. However, it is worthy pursuing. Moreover, it is funny and exciting if you find yourself one day completing the list of Pokémons and becoming a master in Pokémon Go.

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