Animal Crossing Similar Games for PC/Android/iOS

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Animal Crossing is so popular nowadays. Aside from the cute and colorful graphics, the game enables you to create, design, and expand your own home and enjoy living in a virtual real-time world. If you cannot play the game on your PC and mobile phone, there are alternative games to Animal Crossing. In this article, we list wonderful games like Animal Crossing that you can enjoy on your PC, iOS, and Android devices.

Games like Animal Crossing for PC

There are many games similar to Animal Crossing on PC, but 5 of them stand out as we list below.

Garden Paws

Garden Paws is similar to Animal Crossing

The first alternative on our list is Garden Paws. There are different ways to play Garden Paws, but its main goal is for players to create a town out of a farm. To be able to do that, your character must go on adventures, quests, and sell items to earn coins. Moreover, when your town starts to expand, people will start to move in giving your game a more exciting twist. Also, if you want to play it in a more relaxed way, you can try other activities in the game like cooking, farming, or crafting.

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia interface

Another game similar to Animal Crossing for PC is My Time at Portia. This is a perfect game if you like battling and solving mysteries. Basically, your role in the game is a builder; you create buildings in the town and earn a stable income from them. Using the money you earn, you will be able to build a life of your own. Later on, you will have to complete various quests to unravel the mysteries of Portia.

Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles on PC

Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles is another good alternative to Animal Crossing for PC. The game’s setting is called the Island of Yonder in Gamea. During your adventure in the game, you will befriend different creatures who ask you to accomplish different quests. It is one of the games like Animal Crossing that you can complete your quests using a variety of skills and tricks. Lastly, it offers a lot of professions for the characters development.


Staxel farm customization

When it comes to games like Animal Crossing, Staxel is worthy of being mentioned. Staxel has a Lego or sandbox-inspired interface. The goal of this game for the player is to restore a farm in a village. As a resident of the village, you have to help other villagers and build friendships with them. In the long run, you’ll be able to have your own home and farm that you can customize in any way you like.

The Sims 4

Sims 4 is one of the games similar to Animal Crossing

Sims 4 is last on our list of PC games and was the original real-time life simulation game. It is still the classic Sims we know but with easier home building tools. Playing this game is like in a real-life setup, you pay your bills, socialize, create crafts, and work to earn money. You are also in charge of expanding and designing your home.

Games similar to Animal Crossing for Android

For Android users, don’t worry because you will be able to play games similar to Animal Crossing, too.

Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise on Android phone

Castaway Paradise is a game similar to Animal Crossing for Android. The adventure starts when you set foot on an island after a storm. You’ll meet people on the island that will help you build your life and unlock the other parts of the island as you progress.

Happy Street

Happy Street on mobile phone

In this game, you will build an animal town. It has the same concept as Animal Crossing but this game is played on Android phones. Your character in the game is a fox whose name is Billy. To create the town, you must collect resources, build buildings, and shops.

Stardew Valley

Experience Animal Crossing by playing Stardew Valley

Another alternative to Animal Crossing for Android is Stardew Valley. For people who want to leave their city life behind, but do not have the courage to do so, just play this game. It will let you experience planting and harvesting crops, raising animals, and even starting your own virtual family.


Play RealCraft mobile app

RealCraft is perfectly designed for those gamers who want to experience fun adventures, fighting with armor and weapons, and making amazing crafts and structures. Just like other games like Animal Crossing for Android, this game provides a wide range of characters, wild animals, travelers, traders, and many more. If you are into an adventures, then this game is for you.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope interface on android

Aside from those games similar to Animal Crossing for Android, you can also download and play this interesting game called Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Probably, this is one of the most well-known game series that allows you to build your own farm, engage in events, fulfill story-related tasks, and experience other fun and exciting scenarios.

Alternative games to Animal Crossing for iOS

If you are using iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, then the following games like Animal Crossing are for you.


Play Seabeard on your iPhone

If you are looking for a game that offers a lot of quests daily, and is one of the games like Animal Crossing for iOS, Seabeard is worth a try. Aside from the daily quests it offers, this game will let you explore islands, and dress up your own character. Apart from that, you can play with your friends and visit their islands.

The Stillness of the Wind

Alternative game for Animal Crossing

Developing your character’s personal routine while taking care of your farm and animals is possible with The Stillness of the Wind. Growing vegetables, collecting and cooking plants, as well as looking after your animals are just a few things you can do while playing.

Sims FreePlay

Sims Freeplay on iOS

Sims is one of the most popular simulation games ever since. In this game, you are the ones who control how the “Sims” or people act. You are also in charge of designing, organizing, and building your city. Every day, you are required to accomplish the quests laid out before you.


Games similar to Animal Crossing for iOS

Hayday is a farming game wherein you can grow your crops and trade them with your neighbors for fresh goods. Same as other games, you can build your own town and welcome guests.


Another game similar to Animal Crossing is Mutazione

The last game similar to Animal Crossing is Mutazione. It’s an adventure game about high school girl visiting her ill grandfather who lives on an island. Most of the characters in the game are plants that grow when you sing a song to them. So, if this game is your cup of tea, give it a try.


Some Animal Crossing games does not support different platforms like PC, Android and iOS versions at the present time. Luckily, the games listed above are similar gameplay. So, whether you have a PC or mobile phone, you will still have a fun gaming experience as we now have many Animal Crossing similar games for PC, Android and iOS device.

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