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Are you having a bad day at work or in school? But you cannot bring it up? Instead of being frustrated on your own, why not play Slap Kings on PC? This game is for mobile devices, but it best to play it on PC. Slap as hard as you can. The goal of the game is to get the hardest slap to the opponent to win. The harder the slap you do, the higher the chance of winning. Slapping your opponent might relieve your stress and divert your anger to the game. Well, you can try, some of the best apps are listed below for you to enjoy it. You can also check out the tips and tricks below to ace the game.

How to Play Slap Kings on PC


apowermirror tool

The first one on the list is by using ApowerMirror. It is a screen mirroring app that can mirror almost all devices platforms, including Android and Apple devices, Windows and Macintosh, etc. This can not only mirror, but it can also do screen recording, screen capture, and annotate while you are playing. So, in any case, you wanted to share it on your social media accounts, you can easily record, screen cap specifics you want to upload. Meanwhile, here is a detailed step by step on how to play Slap Kings on the computer.

Steps using the USB cable (Although wireless is also supported)

  • Download and install the app on your phone and PC.Download
  • Get a USB cable and connect it on PC and the other end to your mobile device.
  • Now, launch the app and wait until your pc name appears

Note: If your name is not appearing, you might need to enable “USB Debugging” on your phone’s settings. Steps may vary depending on the make and model of your device.

  • Once your computer recognized your phone, a pop-up window will show.
  • Tap the “start mirroring” button, then it will then be reflected.


Xeplayer tool

Next on the list is by using an Android emulator called XEPlayer. If you are familiar with BlueStacks and MEmu, this app will be a lot easier for you to use. This is a desktop app that you can download on your PC. Compared to BlueStacks, this has more games on the list. And when it comes to performance, this is better with MEmu. By supporting more than just games, the app became popular for those who find convenience in using a much wider screen. To use this is very easy. Just follow the guide below to learn how to play Slap Kings on PC.

  • Download XE player by visiting the official website
  • Launch the app and associate your Google account
  • Find Playstore and look for Slap Kings
  • From there start playing the game

Some Tips and Tricks

Become the best slapper by learning some tips and tricks on how to play Slap Kings on the computer.

tips and tricks
  • Slap at the right time.

Make sure to land the slap right at the “Dark green Zone”. This will perform a well-timed slap.

green light
  • Focus on the needle

Oversee the needle and wait until it hit the center. As you move to the next level, the needle will be a little faster and stable.

  • Upgrade your Character

Win a lot of matches and collect more prize coins and use them to upgrade your character. Choose the one that has more slapping power to defeat the stronger opponent.

  • Buy more health

This is to withstand the slapping power of your opponent. Since they cannot be defeated in one slap, you must maintain good health until the match is over.

add strenght


Make sure to check the tips and tricks when you play Slap Kings on PC. This way, you can advance on the game. Also, it is advisable to use ApowerMirror to play the game on a much extensive screen.

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